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Being a Parent I think that one of the most profound change a person can go through is the change when they find out that they are having a baby, it can be...
There are many different things that I take into consideration when it comes to parenting. Parents have many different responsibilities but there are three in particular that I think are very important. Being a good role model is important, as well as listening to your children and disciplining them appropriately. If you want to be a
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Love Support and Sacrifice are the Three Major Qualities That Make a Good Parent. What Makes a Good Parent What makes a good parent? I know that some people would not be able to answer this question, but that is what I am here for. In my opinion there are three major qualities that make a good parent. They are love
To be a parent is a privilege and a responsibility to prepare a child for the world she/ he lives in. Parents are used by a child to achieve the safety, security, joy, play, learning she/he needs to be the best she/ he could be. Parents are the representatives of social order and the home the place to experiment for each child to
I believe that next thing any parent must not forget about is trust. Being consistent with your child is of paramount importance because that's how trust is supported. Being consistent is not changing the rules half way through the game. Being consistent is not promising rewards that kids will never see. Being consistent is not
I made a great many resolutions when my children were born. Some were vague, if heartfelt: I'll take good care of you; I will keep you safe. Some were specific: I'll breastfeed you for at least six months; I'll never hit you. It was a momentous turning point, the birth of a child, filled with pain and emotion. It was a date to
If a child is shown attention by a parent it gives them a sense of feeling important and cared about by a loved one. When a child consumes of the feeling of importance it allows confidence to increase. Another way a parent can express love to a child is by being affectionate. A hug, kiss on the cheek, or simply saying, “I love
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being a teenage parent. 2 Pages. 598 Words. Raising a child isn't an easy thing to do. Raising a child while still in your teens is even harder. Raising a child, starting your career, finding yourself and getting an education are some of the hardest things most people will ever achieve in their lifetime. Can you begin to imagine

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